Maurine Campbell Penquite Volunteer Service Award

Maurine Campbell Penquite volunteered for many years at the Ottawa County Historical Museum.  The Maurine Campbell Penquite Volunteer Service Award was set up by family members of Ms. Penquite to help her legacy live on and to also honor other community volunteers.  Funds were given to the Ottawa County Community Foundation in her memory to provide the award recipient with a $100 gift. In addition to the $100 gift, winners of this award will also have their name permanently engraved on a plaque that is displayed at the Ottawa County Historical Museum.

The award will be given to an individual who had made a significant voluntary contribution to the welfare or betterment of Ottawa County during his or her lifetime.  This individual will have also demonstrated leadership.  Nominees can be of any age.

Anyone can nominate someone in the community. A selection committee will review all applications and determine a winner.  The winner will receive  $100 grant from the Foundation in honor of his or her outstanding contribution to our community.

Maurine Campbell Penquite Volunteer Service Award Nomination Form (Nominations Due September 1)

Previous Award Winners:
2015- Jim and Karen McClain
2014- Dale Davis
2013- Julia Nelson
2012- Dorothy Muller

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