Impact Stories

  • Central Kansas Mental Health Center

    Thanks to a grant from the community foundation, the Central Kansas Mental Health Center was able to help improve the quality of life for Ottawa County residents with suicide prevention programming. Thirty-four residents in the county went through training to offer support to someone experiencing mental health problems or who are potentially considering suicide.

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  • USD 240 Twin Valley

    Funding received from the community foundation allowed the Bennington Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) to purchase banners, gifts, and food and drinks for an appreciation event to honor first responders on National First Responder's Day.

    "Without the funding from the Ottawa County Community Foundation we wouldn't have been able to thank the first responders in the large way we did to show just how appreciative our community is for them."

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  • Ottawa County Public Health

    Ottawa County Public Health requested funding to install new playground equipment in the community park. The funds were spent on the purchase and installation of a Castle Grey Metal Playset from Backyard Specialists. This also included the purchase and installation of fabric ground cover and mulch borders.

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  • Minneapolis FCA

    The Ottawa County Community Foundation awarded the Minneapolis FCA a grant to help fund their 2018 program. "Support from this grant enhanced so many aspects of FCA throughout the year," said grantee Jona Freel.

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  • City of Delphos

    The City of Delphos accepted a grant from the community foundation to begin restoration of the Delphos City Auditorium.

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